About FSR

Financial Services Research provides analysis of the rapidly-evolving challenges facing the financial services industry. As the cross-border investment community strives to identify new investment opportunities, FSR explores how changing asset allocation strategies are driving investment flows into an increasingly complex range of financial instruments and a constantly changing suite of financial markets.

FSR monitors the impact that these investment trends are having on post-trade efficiencies, exploring the strategies that custodians and fund administrators, broker-dealers, technology vendors and treasury specialists, as well as exchanges, clearing houses and depositories, are each employing to maintain an edge over their competitors and to drive forward standards in their industry.

FSR is now entirely web-based and publishes feature articles and product profiles, research papers and strategy panels on a case-by-case basis. This frees us from some of the constraints presented by traditional magazine publishing. It enables us to spend time working closely on dedicated projects with individual clients, tailoring output directly to customers’ specific product requirements, distribution strategies and communications objectives.

All customers working with FSR in these projects will receive published output as a pdf (or other preferred electronic format) and will have full rights to publish on their website, to reproduce in printed form and to circulate electronically in line with their distribution priorities.